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Eyebrow Growth Treatment (Vitamin Brow Service)

Eyebrow Growth Treatment (Vitamin Brow Service)

Introducing our cutting-edge Vitamin Brow Growth Service, a safe and natural solution for women who are looking to enhance their eyebrows. Perfect for anyone who has experienced issues with their eyebrows due to incorrect plucking, hair loss from illness or other medical conditions, frequent dyeing, or improper microblading. Say hello to fuller and healthier brows with our gentle and effective solution. Book now to restore your brow confidence!

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Location: 600 HOUZE WAY ROSWELL, GA 30076

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Suitable For Anyone With:

✓ Overplucked

✓ Thin

✓ Sparse

✓ Shedding

✓ Hard to Grow Brows

* This service will not work if your follicles are dead or permanently damaged

How It Works

How many sessions are needed?
We recommend a minimum of 3 sessions with 10 to 14 days in between. The more sessions, the better the result

  • 3 sessions 30% hair growth
  • 6 sessions 60% hair growth
  • 9 sessions 90% hair growth